Project Reports

Green Demonstration Project:

Final Report – Posted March 14, 2016
Showcasing Water Innovation Case Study –     ENGLISH / FRENCH
An assessment of the Green Demonstration Project savings of water and energy, utility costs and greenhouse gas emissions relative to equivalent homes designed to the current requirements of the Ontario Building Code (2012).
Disclaimer: The Priority Green Clarington – Water and Energy Demonstration Project report is intended to provide general information and to encourage discussion. The information and results presented in this report are based on the data collected from six “better than code” demonstration homes (relative to the 2012 Ontario Building Code) over a one year monitoring period. Water and energy savings, greenhouse gas reductions, and the financial evaluation are estimates based on the data collected and are relative to the minimum requirements of the 2012 Ontario Building Code. Different factors, including construction methods, equipment installed, and household demographics and behaviour, may yield different results.

Preliminary Report – April 28, 2015
An initial assessment of the actual operating performance of the Green Demonstration Project homes. Preliminary results are for the period between October 15, 2014 and February 28, 2015, and provide an early glimpse into the project. A final report will be prepared at the conclusion of the full 12 month monitoring period. Final results are anticipated to be released in February/March 2016.

Green Development Standards, Guidelines and Incentives Project:

Green Development Framework and Implementation Plan – December 7, 2015
A proposed green development framework for Clarington that provides a road map for the detailed design and implementation of a green development program for future residential development in the community.  Based on this course of action, the described implementation plan comprised of projects, programs, policies and follow-up actions will continue to move the Priority Green Clarington vision forward.

Task #1: Background Review & Municipal Best Practices ReportApril 30, 2015
A background analysis and review of best practices in residential green development standards and incentives.

Project Initiation Notice – March 13, 2015
The Green Development Standards, Guidelines and Incentives component of Priority Green Clarington will establish a practical implementation framework to incorporate sustainable practices into the residential land development process. This project announcement outlines the tasks that will be undertaken and the consultation process that is being planned.