Our Partners


Brookfield Residential, Halminen Homes and Jeffery Homes are longstanding members of Clarington’s building sector, their history of local experience ranging from 25 to nearly 50 years.  In addition, they’re amongst the earlier adopters of the EnergyStar® certification program, building homes to this standard since the program’s adoption by Canada in 2005.

A Message From Our Partners:

BR_NoTag_Stacked_ColorBrookfield Residential – a premier home builder with over 50 years of making dreams real for families across Ontario. Known for its exceptional communities, Brookfield Residential applies the highest possible standards in creating neighbourhoods that speak to the aspirations of home buyers from every walk of life. As a company Brookfield Residential is committed to minimizing adverse effects on the environment and promoting the use of efficient energy management systems and building techniques in its homes and communities.


For 40 years now Halminen Homes has built superior single family homes, townhomes and semi-towns in Durham Region and the surrounding area. Our communities all bear the exclusive Halminen touch of style at very competitive prices. Being one of the first home builders in the Durham Region to implement Energy Star, Halminen prides itself in being a “green” builder. For that reason we are looking forward to working with the Municipality of Clarington and being one of only 3 builders to volunteer to be a part of the PRIORITY GREEN Clarington Green Demonstration Project.


Strong strategic green building has always been a core value at Jeffery Homes. However our commitment to putting the customer first, warrants that “break-through technologies” are tested and tried to ensure long -term relevancy and value for our homeowners. Come discover the Jeffery Homes Difference and the peace of mind that comes with our trendsetting art of fine home building for over 40 years! We guarantee to provide a genuine reliable and remarkable ‘green’ way of living!

Grant funding support for PRIORITY GREEN Clarington and the green demonstration project is provided by the Government of Ontario through the Showcasing Water Innovation project, and the Green Municipal Fund, a fund financed by the Government of Canada and administered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.†

†Such support does not indicate endorsement by the Government of Ontario, Government of Canada, or the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

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