Clarington’s Green Homes Project Already Showing Water, Energy, and Cost Savings

Clarington May 5, 2015/- A great start to Clarington’s Green Demonstration Project, early results of the homes monitored show water, energy and cost savings. The project is part of Priority Green Clarington, a Municipal initiative to provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable standard to new residential development.

Clarington has partnered with three builders, Brookfield Residential, Halminen Homes and Jeffery Homes, on the Green Demonstration Project. The builders each constructed two “beyond code” homes, equipped with ultra-efficient water and energy conservation measures that surpass standards set out in the Ontario Building Code.

The homes are now occupied and are being monitored over a 12-month period to track those savings. Preliminary results after four-months of tracking show nine to 12 per cent more energy savings as compared to a home built to today’s minimum standard and eight to 17 per cent increased water efficiency. The homeowner may also see a projected cost savings on water and energy bills ranging from $154 to $530. These are preliminary results. A clearer picture of the savings will be available at the end of the 12-month tracking period.

“These are promising results. As we look to the future towards creating a set of green standards for neighbourhoods, these numbers demonstrate that improved building standards and sustainable development is not just great for our environment, it also provides ongoing cost savings for residents,” said David Crome, Director of Planning Services.

Clarington is working to establish a Green Development Framework. It’s a set of standards and practices to guide future environmentally friendly residential development within the Municipality. A Green Development Standards, Guidelines and Incentives study is underway to identify what is being done in other communities, looking at the best practices in residential green development. It is also looking at what standards should be put in place and what kind of incentives could be used to encourage developers and builders to exceed the minimum requirements and build environmentally friendly homes and neighbourhoods. The study will be done over the course of several months; further community consultation will also take place.

Read more about the Green Demonstration Project here.

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