Project Initiation Notice:

Green Development Guidelines, Standards & Incentives Study

The Municipality of Clarington is expected to see significant population growth to 2031. Up to 20,000 new housing units may be needed to accommodate forecasted growth. The Municipality is committed to ensuring that this growth occurs in a sustainable manner, building on the principles of the Official Plan, the Green Community Strategy and Council’s Strategic Plan.

The Municipality has established the Priority Green Clarington initiative to promote sustainable residential development and place a priority on the conservation of our resources (e.g. water, energy) and mitigating the impacts of climate change. The Green Development Standards, Guidelines and Incentives Study (the “Project”) represents an important milestone in this process and will establish a practical implementation framework to incorporate sustainable practices into the residential land development process.

Project Process
The Project consists of the following tasks:

  1. Background analysis and identification of best practices in residential green development, incentives and standards in Ontario and beyond;
  2. Provision of draft Green Development Standards and Green Development Guide;
  3. Identification of Incentive Options;
  4. A review of the development approvals process to expedite and incorporate standards and incentives;
  5. Consultation with the community, land development and building industry and government agencies;
  6. Final Green Development Standards, Guidelines and Incentives for recommendation to Council.

Community Consultation
Are you interested in following or participating in the Project?

Visit for regular updates. Public meetings will be scheduled throughout 2015 and anyone is welcome to attend. You can also submit feedback directly to

Technical working groups have been established as part of Priority Green Clarington. These committees will provide input and direction at key points during the Project.

Project Team
Clarington has retained consultants to assist with the Project.  The Consultant Team is being led by Macaulay Shiomi Howson Ltd (MSH) with assistance from Brook McIlroy.

For more information, please contact the Planning Services Department at 905-623-3379 and speak with Amy Burke, Priority Green Clarington Coordinator at extension 2423 (, or Carlos Salazar, Manager of Community Planning and Design at extension 2409 ( ).

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