Roundtable Brings Community Members Together to Discuss Higher Density Development in Clarington

To achieve a balance between continued population growth in Clarington and supporting the community’s goals to protect our agricultural lands and natural heritage features, building complete neighbourhoods and shifting to a more dense approach to urban development will become increasingly important.

What opportunities and challenges could this shift from a predominantly low density residential development pattern to a more dense or compact urban form present?

How can we develop at higher densities while maintaining the community character we love in Clarington?

Roundtable 002Roundtable 001These are a couple of the questions explored by a group of 25 community members at the Growing Clarington Together Roundtable hosted by the Planning Services Department on November 26th.  A broad spectrum of perspectives were brought to the table by residents, youth representatives, Municipal Advisory Committee members, neighbourhood and rate payer associations, development and building industry associations, the local business community, and environmental, public health and affordable housing advocates.  The valuable input received will inform the shaping of policies and criteria that will guide the development of compact, complete and sustainable neighbourhoods in Clarington.

Our sincere thanks to roundtable participants for their engagement, feedback and ideas!

Stay tuned for more information on this topic in early 2015.

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