Survey Says – Part II

This is the second edition of a four-part series highlighting key findings from a community survey completed by the Municipality in August 2013.  The survey, involving 1,000 households from throughout Clarington, represented a first step in seeking resident input for the PRIORITY GREEN Clarington initiative.

The survey results offer insight on how “green” features factor into residents’ decision making when undertaking home improvements, or buying a new home.  In addition, it examines what green features residents would like Clarington neighbourhoods to have and their perceptions about approaches to accommodating growth, including higher density development.

2014'02'06 Q11b Q12 Q16

In addition to looking at how Municipal policies and procedures can be enhanced to encourage future neighbourhoods in Clarington to be greener, PRIORITY GREEN Clarington will partner with local builders to construct a collection of demonstration homes.  These homes will feature emerging green techniques and products that aim to improve energy efficiency, conserve more water, improve indoor air quality, better manage rainwater, and make better use of material resources.  Many of the green practices that will be featured can be implemented in existing homes too.  To better understand their effectiveness, performance will be measured and return on investment calculated.

Stay tuned to learn more about the results of the PRIORITY GREEN Clarington community survey.

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